BIG iDEA LAB is a group of resources designed to encourage various clients to commence their journey towards self-actualization. We make you define and follow your Big Idea with a full-steam, making you execute it in an elegant and manageable scale, and by maintaining balance in all areas of your life.


It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to execute your big idea. The journey to becoming action-oriented and of doing something that you have been merely dreaming of all your life is the most transforming experience you can get in your life. That’s why we call ourselves BIG iDEA LAB because by entering our lab, you will step into a field of change, transformation, and magic. We are here to help you find the best way to convert your idea to reality. We are here to build your own path at your own pace. Because you are unique and your idea is one of a kind – we will do everything in our power to help you use all of your strength, and overcome all of your fears to make your BIG iDEAa reality. That is what we do. WE DO iDEAs!

Meet Marina

I’m Marina Romashko, founder of Big IDEA Lab. I’m a producer, a project manager, and IDEA coach. I help people transform ideas into reality. I also specialize in business coaching and work with entrepreneurs on approaching their work with mindfulness to create a balanced life when achieving their personal and business goals.

My clients have been featured in New York Times, Lenny Letter, BBC, CNN, Time Out, Tribeca Film Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Hollywood Reporter; they’ve made Amazon Best Of Lists, received the Gotham Award, signed multiple book deals, and garnered many five star reviews. Yet these accolades were never the goal. The goal was always to go after an idea while creating a balanced lifestyle that brought more joy than stress.

I work with business owners and creative types, novel writers and poets, singers and entrepreneurs, finance experts and comedians, yoga teachers and professors…and maybe you?

Together we will create personal roadmap that takes you from
busy to productive
saying yes to everything to saying no to the weighted excess
talk driven to result driven
feeling drained to finding balance
feeling blocked to maintaining a creative spirit

Most importantly, you will TAKE ACTION because IDEA coaching, to me, is about replacing all those big words with what’s really important: all those little actions. We will set goals, define deliverables, meet deadlines, brainstorm ideas, create realistic timelines and task lists, and keep your project on track. (and drink tea and eat chocolate and laugh, I promise)

It takes courage and willpower to go after your dreams. And sometimes it also takes a skilled project manager and coach.

I can’t wait to hear about your BIG IDEA.

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